Mellish Paving - glossary.

Grading: preparation of surfaces for paving, including establishing rock-based foundations where necessary for drainage, ground stability or leveling effects. Removal of existing materials: excavation, loading, and removal of materials to certified non-toxic dumping areas.

Drainage: preparation of surface areas, including necessary excavation, for adequate drainage prior to paving.

Paving: site preparation and installation of paving covering a specified area to a designated depth. Typical depths vary from 20mm to 200mm of materials through more substantial depths where necessary. All paving is compacted, edged, and interfaced to any existing asphalt, concrete, or property surfaces.

Paving Contracts: Mellish Paving's residential contracts consist predominantly of paving/re-paving driveway, patio/parking areas, and walkways/interfaces to these paved surfaces. We work largely on contracts referred to us by previously satisfied contractors and residence owners; however, we are always open to new client work requests. All work is done through a contracted tender process which consists of a site inspection and written tender submitted to the property owner. Following acceptance of the tender, a schedule is cooperatively agreed upon, and the work completed. Mellish Paving's commercial contracts consist largely of paving work for larger contractors who are completing large housing or commercial building contracts and who need specialized paving for parking, intersection or driveway access work. The same bidding, work completion, and inspection processes are followed in sub-contracting work.

Quality Paving: Mellish Paving is extremely proud of the quality and consistency of our work. Every attempt is made to install a finished product which enhances the utility of the area where we have worked, and to increase the attractiveness and value of the property we have been contracted to finish.
Revelstone Stone simulated slabs    Brick on edge Herringbone (Rustic blend)    Exposed aggregate with cobble edge
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